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Alice Jacobs and Jerry Jacobs

Welcome to the official website for Jerry Jacobs’ “Seatbelt Gang” merchandise. This has come together as a place to celebrate the Detroit Lions, their amazing secondary, Jerry Jacobs, and the grit that drove him to prominence as a cornerback for the Detroit Lions.

Jacobs’ journey is one of a man who faced the most difficult of odds, yet who continued to grind and work his way toward success. From growing up without a father in a troubled neighborhood, to losing his mother, Alice, at 11 years old and being raised by his sisters. Jacobs persevered and wouldn’t let the distractions and difficulties of his surroundings get in the way of his dream. His journey to the NFL started in a place where many promising football careers end; in junior college. Hutchinson Community College gave Jacobs his opportunity to start and show that he was more than capable of playing at a high level. He moved on to Arkansas State in his junior year of college where he again excelled and proved to the world that he was a highly capable cornerback. For his senior year, he transferred to the University of Arkansas where he knew his talents would be challenged and on full display. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury just 4 games into the season and focused on entering the draft at that point.

As a result Jacobs went undrafted, but was picked up by the Detroit Lions as an undrafted free agent. After showing great promise in training camp and the preseason, Jacobs started seeing in-game action due to a string of injuries that befell the Lions secondary. All Jacobs has ever asked for was an opportunity, and he took full advantage of the opportunity presented to him in the 2021 NFL season. Jacobs graded out as the second highest rated player in the Detroit Lions secondary according to PFF and put on a performance that cornerbacks drafted much higher in the draft didn’t even come close to matching that season.

Unfortunately, in the game at Mile High Stadium in Denver, Jacobs suffered a season-ending ACL injury. Later that evening, Jacobs spoke to his late mother via Twitter in a heart-wrenching tweet when he tweeted, “Momma if you seeing this (right now) just know your baby boy need you more than ever.” While he was obviously deflated by the injury, Jacobs quickly bounced back to form and took on his recovery as yet another battle in the life of a grinder.

Jerry Jacobs exudes the hustle and heart of Detroit in everything he does. Nothing has been given to him, he’s fought for and earned everything he’s received. That being said, his mother made sure he understood that giving back to the community is the mark of a true man. This is the reason for the launch of SeatbeltGang.com – its an opportunity for Jacobs to establish his brand, to connect with and bring people along on his journey. Mostly he wants to give back to the community that works so hard every day and still finds time to support him and the Detroit Lions every week.

A portion of all proceeds from seatbeltgang.com sales will be used to directly improve life for kids in Detroit. Keep your eyes on this site to see videos from Jerry, and the results that come from your purchases of seatbeltgang.com merchandise. For now, buckle up and join the Seatbelt Gang by clicking here to see the latest Jerry Jacobs Seatbelt Gang Merchandise.

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